• We are committed to designing perfection, independent of time and space, to equip the designs with the best technology.
  • We are committed to equip the designs with the best technology, to produce flawless handmade products and to always stand behind what we produce.
  • We are committed to increase the production of the company, to increase its penetration in the sector and to discard what is necessary to become a global brand.
  • We are committed to comply with all laws, ISO 9001 Quality Management System and Mercedes-Benz body/mounting instructions and other requirements.
  • We undertake to take precautions regarding occupational health and safety by evaluating the risks that may occur during our operations.
  • We are committed to employing competent persons for continuous improvement and to increase the adequacy of employees through training.
  • We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by providing continuous improvement, timely and continuously increasing quality products taking into account customer demands and expectations.


Erbakan MALKOÇ
Chairman of the Board