DizaynVip was incorporated in 1992 starting at a small space of 20 m2 but with a great target of becoming a global trademark.

Today, DizaynVip is a world-wide known trademark, leading its sector, with its experience of over 20 years, factory of 10,000 m2 factory and more than 100 professional staff.

DizaynVip, going from strength to strength, was awarded “The Best Quality Automobile Design Company of Europe” in the organization of International Brands Leadership Summit which the it attended for and on behalf of the European countries and Turkey.

Special design vehicles, manufactured by the Turkish engineers and technical specialists in Turkey, are preferred by many worldwide celebrities from bureaucrats to sportsmen, from artists to businessmen.

DizaynVip exports its special design vehicles-it manufactures-to various countries of the world particularly Germany, England, France and Italy.

Our Mission:Our mission is to gather everything-you imagine to spice your life-in both inner and outer design of your vehicle with the state-of-the-art technology and the most attractive lines.

Our Vision:Our vision is to offer you vehicle designs of the future according to your needs and desires with the fashion of today in a dateless manner.

What to Find in DizaynVip...


For us, everything starts with the quality. The quality is a must in all of our materials, workmanship and point of view from the beginning of the production until the time of delivery.


The basis of our business is the technology. We contribute to development of the technology rather than using it as it stands and we are proud of converting your vehicles to merely a technology base.


Our design approach is to become unique and dateless. We do what has never been done before; we design your vehicles independently of time and space. Accordingly we guarantee your luxury for owning the special ones.